What You Need

To ensure your tax return is precise and your refund is processed quickly, it is essential to compile all your tax documents.

For your tax appointment, you will need the following paperwork:

  • All taxpayers should have identification
  • Original Social Security cards or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) letters for everyone you include on your tax return.
  • Copies of your previous year’s federal and state tax returns.
  • Dates of birth for everyone you include on your tax return.
  • All statements reflecting income, such as forms W-2 and 1099 for wages and other compensation, Social Security and unemployment compensation, and, if applicable, other statements such as those related to pension, stock dividends, interests, or documents reflecting tax deductions.
  • If you are self-employed or earn cash, gather records of all your incomes and expenditures.
  • Forms 1098 for expenses related to college tuition, student loan interest payments, mortgage interest payments, or real estate taxes.
  • Form 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, if you availed insurance coverage via Covered California.
  • The Identity Protection PIN given by the IRS.
  • Bank routing numbers and account numbers for facilitating direct deposit of any refund due.